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Duke Manufacturing | Commercial Serving and Holding Equipment

Duke Manufacturing | Commercial Serving and Holding Equipment

Duke’s drop-in two-tiered serving unit can adjusted so either tier is hot or cold. Easy to use, buttons and knobs control each tier’s lights and temperature. Also available are Duke’s scratch-resistant counter tops that can be heated or frosted. For more great Duke products, be sure to browse Culinary Depot’s offerings at Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more great content related to commercial kitchen equipment. Also check us out on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: LinkedIn: Google+: Video Transcript: Hi, my name’s Brent Jennings. I’m with Duke manufacturing , and I’m a product manager for our serving equipment. So a few different ways that we help with your labor and your visualization of food and beverage is with drop-ins ( that can go into any kind of a counter that you have-stainless or solid tops. This is our hot frost exclusive, unique, double-tier, hot-cold convertible holding. So you can make each of these tiers hot or cold within a very quick time, very easily. To use your vertical use of space so you reduce your equipment needs and length and cost. Also we have some new designs on some highly new developed heat-resistant, scratch-resistant tops that we can put on our counters, as well as elevated profiles that you can actually heat. Or in case of this, that you can make frosted or hot within a period of turnover of about 20 minutes. You can do some very unique writing effects. And so you can do all of these different types of gains as well, if you just want to go with one tier. You can have a hot or a frosted surface here and incorporate sneeze guards ( and other types of things. So there’s lots of different elevation and both drop-ins and with the tops that you can provide a great experience for your customers in a very easy to change and easy to manage way. So now you’ve seen how the customer can interact and visualize and have flexibility in menu, now we’re going to take you to the backside to see how easy it is to have this kind of experience from a labor and for your operator’s standpoint. Part of the unique advantages we offer is with operator ease of use. So for instance, on our vertical merchandiser (, it’s very easy-as you can see-you can easily turn on and off the lights on either tier. And you can have the heat and the cold without the lights on to conserve energy. You can also turn very easily onto cold and you can see how the lights change as you go from cold to hot or off. And this will take about 20-25 minutes to completely transition over. On your hot, you can actually control from a very low setting to a very high setting, depending on the amount of heat that you would like to put on the product. And as you can see, the frost has a nice buildup that gives you a very highly visual, almost ice look to your merchandiser. The same thing on our stone tops on our elevated profiles. On our top, you can actually change this over to cold. And then when you’re in the hot, you can-again-can control your thermostat very easily. So it’s very easy for operators to use. They love it. And they can easily change day part to day part, or even within the day parts, depending on their menu. So if you have any more questions on any of these products or other ways to visualize and help merchandise for yourself serve or your full serve operations, please visit And we look forward to working with you.
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